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Let’s be fair about it.. 100% Ethical

Our drinks are truly scrummy – coffee shop inspired, made with the best ethically sourced ingredients and only skinny milk.

Fancy that!

400 billion cups of coffee are drunk every year – making it the world’s favourite drink.

Fair and ethical what?

The Rainforest Alliance



You may get confused, do not worry, Pour Moi offers all three in one coffee!

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So how do the drinks taste?

Just great! Pour Moi is a revelation, we only use premium very top quality ingredients, our milk is real dairy (not vegetable fat based!). Everything is skinny in fat, but not taste. Free of trans-fatty acids (TFA’s), specially blended with the finest coffee, freshly brewed tea and hot chocolate.

We have especially developed a menu of coffee shop inspired drinks - we think they are as good as the coffee shop, only cheaper and easier!

Pour Moi is not just about great drinks, it is about doing your bit – all our tea and coffee is fair and ethically sourced!

On the Menu

You’ll find just about every drink on the high street coffee shop menu in a Pour Moi machine – Skinny Latte, Cappuccino, Americano, Mocha Latte, Babycino, and there’s even a Soup of the Day option.


With Fairtrade, Rainforest Alliance and even Organic coffees to choose from, our ethical coffees tick all the boxes.

Hot Chocolate

This is probably the best hot chocolate you will ever taste, continental style with more cocoa for richer mouth watering pleasure.


It’s always fresh tea with Pour Moi – specially selected Kenyan loose leaf tea Rainforest Alliance certified , carefully brewed and made up with real skimmed milk for the perfect cuppa.